Lace Paper Wallpaper


Paper Lace

Fabric Convention is proud to offer exclusively to Australia, a new range of Wallpaper inspired by lace.

The two wallpaper designs Rose & Ribbon Damask can either be used together (as shown picture with table lamp), used independently, or with the matching rope-textured plains.

We live in challenging times, where exciting innovation is a pre-requisitve to stylish and creative interiors. This is demonstrated beautifully by showing a time honoured classic design can be given a second lease of life, creating a fusion of the old and new.

Under the guidance of the design team at Timorous Beasties, our lace manufacturer have taken a classic 1920's cotton lace fabric archive and reinvented it in 2 unique and stylised wallpapers.

Taken across 6 colours with 3 matching textured plains, the 'Paper Lace' collection is a first for our lace manufacturer - a marriage of 100 year old weaving tradition blended seamlessly into another romantic interior medium.

The original delicate lace fabric 'Lydia' and a modern interpretation 'Linda' compliment and complete the collection.

For more information and pricing please contact Fabric Convention, or your retailer.
Lace Paper WallpaperLace Paper WallpaperLace Paper WallpaperLace Paper WallpaperLace Paper Wallpaper